Health, Safety and Environment

Why training is important to us?

Construction is regarded as a high risk industry and with working at heights being one of the HIGH 5 it is important that our employees have a good understanding of Health and Safety and know what they can do to avoid unnecessary risks.

At North East Contracts they understand that the training of their workforce is an essential step towards improving the level of Health & Safety on-site and maintaining an alertness towards H&S throughout their workforce. H&S is a key priority for all at North East Contracts and they hold in the highest regard the safety and well-being of their workforce and others who may be affected by their operations. They strive to maintain a good working environment for everyone. That is why they will always remain committed to a fully trained and competent workforce.

By regular training, toolbox talks, risk assessments and site inspections they aim to maintain a low risk working environment on all its sites. This is achieved through their partnership with Safety Scotland as their appointed Health and Safety Consultants, who assist and monitor them in maintaining a good level of Health and Safety throughout the company. Their commitment to regular training is achieved through their membership of the ACT (Angus Construction Training) group and commitment to an annual plan for training each year with CITB.

North East Contracts are committed to the protection of the environment in which they live and operate. Care for the environment is one of their key responsibilities and an important part of the way in which they do business. They recognise that their operations result in an impact to the environment and the generation of waste. It is their aim to reduce the environmental impacts of their business and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.